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Where is Santa Claus now? Like every December 24th, they show us this popular character’s journey across the world, thanks . If you have young children at home this is a great opportunity to take a tour Neighborhood. How do I do it? In this note we tell you the steps to follow, so pay close attention.

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With the platform he developed Google You can follow all the movements of the celebrities Santa Clause The white-bearded man will leave the North Pole and you will be able to tell which route he is taking from anywhere in the world.

But you just won’t be able to find Prepare Santa Claus gifts from , They also show Other additional rewards such as games, tales and stories to entertain the family during these holidays.

Direct | Follow Santa Claus’s journey around the world minute by minute

This year, due to the presence of the new Corona virus, Santa Claus, Mama Claus and other characters from the Arctic wear masks to avoid COVID-19 infection.

How can I see the Live Santa Claus Tour on Google Maps?

Want to follow Santa Claus on December 24th with your kids?  Use this option from Google Maps.  (Image: Santa Tracker)
Want to follow Santa Claus on December 24th with your kids? Use this option from Google Maps. (Image: Santa Tracker)

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Santa Keep track of It’s a Google platform where, starting from day 24, you can see, minute by minute, how Santa Claus moves around the world with his reindeer sleigh. The website tracks the arrival of Christmas in real time on various locations.

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Step by Step:

  • The first thing you must do is enter .
  • There you will notice not only a file A counter for the number of days until Santa Claus comes out. Until you can Play to pack all gifts.
  • You can also enjoy how to ski with the goblins.
  • You can get a file Selfie also with Santa Claus, And even make an elf in Santa tracker.

The application can be downloaded to your smartphone. You can also take it anywhere thanks to Google Play and iOS devices.

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Another alternative: Norad tracks down Santa

US Air Defense Command (NORAD) It has a platform where you can follow in the footsteps of Santa Claus around the world. On December 24th, you will be able to see the map with live update. You can access the site from

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Santa Update

Like other locations, starting December 24, a map will be shown where Santa Claus’s movements are tracked. Inside Santa Update, you can read news from the North Pole, or go to the tab that says “Create a Wishlist” To settle Christmas desires. To access the site you must log in .

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