Russian officials are evacuating their families from Crimea, according to how

Representatives of the Russian authorities administer the occupied Crimea “They are urgently evacuating their families” from the region and southern UkraineAccording to a report published on Tuesday by Ukrainian intelligence.

“The successful actions of the Ukrainian defenders force the “so-called authorities” of the temporarily occupied Crimea and the south of our country to Urgently move their families On the territory of the Russian Federation, “reported a document of Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, according to Ukrenform.

Peninsula Crimea was occupied in 2014 by the Russian army.who imposed his authority in an area that was not recognized by the international community.

According to Ukrainian intelligence data, despite Russian attempts to ensure the safety of residents during their stay on the peninsula, representatives of the occupation administration, employees of the Federal Security Service and commanders of some military units They are trying to secretly sell their homes and urgently evacuate their relatives from the Crimea.

The report stated that The Russians forbade the rest of the citizens to conclude sales and purchase agreements of real estate in the area.

also It has imposed “restrictions on movement across the Crimean Bridge and is trying by all means to close access Information on the counter-offensive actions of the Ukrainian army.

According to Ukrinform, as of yesterday, September 12, Ukrainian forces advanced about 12 kilometers into Russian-controlled territory In southern Ukraine, 13 settlements were liberated from Russian occupiers.

300 editorial sites in Kharkov

The Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanna MaliarToday, it was reported that in the context of a counter-offensive against Russia in the Kharkov region More than three hundred cities that were under Russian control were restored.

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Since September 63,800 square kilometers were released, that is, more than 300 sites. More than 150,000 of our people have been released The occupation that was holding them hostage.”

The deputy minister added that the goal of the Ukrainian forces is Continue the counterattack until the northeastern region is fully restored He stated that this would happen “as soon as possible”.

Later, in a post on his Facebook account, Billion confirmed that with the aforementioned data, he referred to “confirmed numbers.” But the expansion of the restored lands in Kharkov is “practically double”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced last night, as part of the counter-offensive launched at the end of August.Kyiv managed to recover more than 6,000 square kilometers of Russian-controlled lands in the south and east of the country.

Among the liberated cities of the Kharkiv “Territory” (province) Izyum, which served as a base for Russian forces and whose control was vital to Moscow.

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