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Francesco Sturas

The trick is there, the case will be closed, but You could still end up in court Because there are those who do not accept the right of the mountain of mud in which they find themselves incredibly. Because this nonsense with the title “Russian money” has done so much evil, we have risked making our country pass as a gang of thieves whose aim above all is to do harm. Matteo Salvini. But there was nothing real. From Russia, not a single euro of the famous three hundred million transferred to 24 countries came to Italy. The campaign clumsily orchestrated by the left using unfortunate American “information” became a clip art paper thanks to the hearing of the deputy secretary of the security services, Franco Gabrielli Before Copaseur held by President Adolfo Urso. The Prime Minister himself, Mario Draghi, has uttered clear words about the non-existent scandal. And the reaction of Matteo Salvini is apparently calm but resolute, who has been targeted again in recent days for money he never received: “After the mud, insinuations and shameful attacks, I now expect an apology. Will the left now finally start talking about Italy? ». And with Libero he increased the dose: ‘Lita, Di Maio, Calinda, Bonino, various newspaper-sellers and pseudo-intellectuals, I await their apologies. Meanwhile, he filed a lawsuit.

The ambassador denied: Russian money is evidence of the republic’s lies

Gabriele’s experiment at Copasir lasted an hour and twenty minutes. “During the hearing, elements were presented regarding the recent statements of the US administration on the activities of Russian interference in the democratic processes of various countries, from which no features related to the national security of our country appeared,” he said. A note was issued at the end of the meeting. Gabrieli would have clarified the reports of Des and Ace, which were drawn up on the basis of information from the USA, and he would have also referred to the phone call between the Prime Minister Mario Draghi The United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, From which came guarantees that there were no references to Italian political parties.

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Draghi himself wanted to make his opinion heard on the subject: ‘I had a phone call with Foreign Minister Blinken, for the natural thing to do was to ask him what he knew. That’s what I did. Essentially, the US Secretary of State assured me that no Italian political forces were on the list of recipients of Russian funding targeted for press launches in recent days. He then reserved the right to check whether there was evidence in other documents available to US authorities and pledged to report it through institutional channels. “I would also like to add one more thing,” the Prime Minister continued: “Italian democracy is strong, not that it allows itself to be overthrown by external enemies, by hired puppets.

What Republica has posted for 6 years: Putin-Kremlin, sensational material

We need to be confident in our democracy. No need to be afraid of any sound. It is clear that in the past twenty years, the Russian government, as a result of extensive international reconstruction, has carried out a systematic act of corruption in business, in the press, in politics, in many sectors, in many Europe. countries and in the United States. These are well-known matters, so there is no reason to be surprised.” But there were those who tried to influence the September 25 vote to poison wells. There were press editorial offices mobilized, starting with the Republic, to tear apart the center-right and particularly the leader of the League.

country side
real campaign Underestimating the hour It turns out to be a painful farce, and threatens to turn into a painful throwback, as the Northern League Member of Parliament Arrigoni, a member of Copasir noted: “The words of Governor Gabriele, which add to President Draghi’s inspections and the reassurances given by President Urso, are a gravestone. on a lot of prejudice.” “Understanding the matter” also adds Minister Di Maio, who has been chatting for days with investigation committees and possible new files, using his position to discredit him without providing evidence. The center-right is at the service of Italians exclusively, and that will be shown by the expression of a solid and effective government if the voters give us the opportunity.” It would not be a coincidence that Urso himself said after the hearing that “the case is closed.” who says to him Republic and partners?

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