Russian hackers attack the Peruvian secret service and demand a reward for a millionaire

pirates Russians from the call Conti group He attacked members of the General Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of the Interior (Digimin) They revealed the monitoring of government officials and virtual events of various government portfolios.

Reports submitted by greaser, Hildebrandt is thirteen years old s full closureactions appear Conti groupattackers who use Data hijacking malware And ask for millionaire rewards for not disclosing information.

Conti group It is one of the most notorious ransomware groups in the world, and due to its recent activities, the United States targeted it with a devastating attack on government computer systems in Costa Rica late last month. The US government announced a $10 million reward for information on its leaders.

As the group showed itself In various forums dark netAnd The information was only obtained by attacking two of .’s emails degemin, Which marked more than 300 messages with the label “Confidential”. In the Peru attack, a message Conti group He specifically pointed out the lack of data encryption on the network. What did these emails say?

Follow up on ministries

According to the documents obtained, the Digimin Under the heading “Terrorism”, it monitored events from departments of ministries such as Culture or Justice. Most of these events were public on social networks such as Facebook.

Likewise, the names of employees of the same company are disclosed in the emails. degemin, As well as private data of people to follow. Currently, this information is free on the Internet.

Conti groupIn the meantime, keep clicking on the rewards to stop the information leaking. There was no communication from the entities involved.

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“They would suffer greatly if these documents were made public. Torture, intimidation and surveillance are what made the Intelligence Department famous. Almost all of the documents [que hemos] The downloads are classified as confidential,” indicates the message he obtained Best Cyber.

“We work exclusively for $$$ ($). We are not pursuing other goals.” Conti group Peru threatens that the same thing that happened in Costa Rica could happen: they demanded a reward of $10 million. Secret information from at least five ministries in the country was leaked.

Extortion gang With you He added to his dark web site the name of a government entity in Peru as one of his latest victims. The cybercriminals say they gained access to the agency’s network and made copies of sensitive information. PDF documents marked as confidential have also been posted on the site as evidence of the hack,” according to the cybersecurity firm’s blog. ESET.

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