Russian forces begin withdrawal from Chernobyl nuclear power plant

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strength point Russian A high-ranking US defense official said, on Wednesday, that the withdrawal from the facilities of the dissolved Chernobyl nuclear power plant, after controlling them since the first day of the invasion, on February 24.

The Russian army began withdrawing from Gostomel airport in the northwest of the country Kyiv“Chernobyl is another area where they have begun to reposition some of their forces, moving away from the Chernobyl facility to Belarus,” the official said.

“We think they’re leaving, but I can’t tell you they’re all gone,” he added.

The IAEA stopped receiving live data from Chernobyl on March 9. On Sunday, he expressed concern about the lack of staff turnover at the plant since March 20.

disaster 1986

Reactor 4 at the plant exploded in 1986, causing the worst civilian nuclear disaster in history. The remaining three gradually closed after the disaster, most recently in 2000.

Antonov military airfield in Gostomel was attacked by Russian forces on February 25, a day after the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby noted that less than 20% of the Russian forces that prevented the Ukrainian resistance from advancing toward Kyiv “began to reposition” in the direction of Belarus.


We appreciate that they are moving to Belarus. We do not have an exact number, but this is our preliminary estimate.” This was added during a press conference, noting that none of the units appeared to leave the perimeter of Ukraine.

If the Russians are serious about de-escalation, because that is what they say, they will bring them home. “But that’s not what they’re doing,” the spokesman said.

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