Russian drones and missiles attack Zaporizhia

Crews are rushing to fix Ukraine’s power system as hospitals suspend scheduled operations after Russian strikes

A group of people walk down a dark street in central Kyiv, Ukraine, on December 6. (Photo: Dimitar Delkov/AFP/Getty Images)

Repair work continued at critical energy infrastructure facilities across Ukraine on Wednesday in an effort to address persistent power shortfalls caused by the Russian attacks.

“The gradual return of the electrical system after the missile attacks continues… The situation in the east of the country is still difficult: last night, the enemy again bombed several infrastructure facilities, while the temperature in the region reached -17 degrees Celsius,” said Ukrainian state energy company Ukrainego. Wednesday.

He continued, “The repair teams are working to eliminate the consequences of the missile attack in the Kyiv and Odessa regions, and to restore power to the areas with backup systems,” adding that there is still a “significant deficit” in the system. Electricity in the country, causing restrictions on consumption.

some backgroundThis Monday, Russia unleashed a wave of drone and missile strikes across Ukraine, targeting the country’s energy infrastructure. Ukraine has been facing a massive attack on its critical infrastructure and energy sources since early October.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the attacks caused power outages in several regions, including Kyiv and Odessa.

power deficit: Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced that after Monday’s attacks “energy engineers promised to eliminate the consequences” in the coming days.

“At the same time, the energy deficit will remain in the energy system. Currently, it is 19% of the projected consumption.”

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health announced the suspension of scheduled surgeries, in an attempt to isolate the medical system from the repercussions of the power outage.

“It will be implemented when the situation around the electricity supply stabilizes,” the statement said. “All emergency medical care will be provided to patients in full.”

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