Russia urges UN to end accusation of cyber aggression

Moscow: The Russian Foreign Ministry reported today, that Russia’s representative to the United Nations, Irina Tiazlova, urged members of the international organization to refrain from accusing her country of cyber aggression.

“We ask individual participants in our debate to refrain from unofficially accusing Russia of cyber aggression. The diplomat emphasized, according to a review published on the State Department’s website, that in case of concern, any country can turn directly to the relevant Russian structures.

Speaking at the United Nations Open-ended Working Group on International Information Security, Tiazlova denounced that as part of the campaign to isolate the Eurasian state from all global mechanisms, Russian officials were limited to helping international forums.

In this sense, the official clarified that the United States and Switzerland do not issue visas so that Moscow delegates can participate in UN bodies.

“From the point of view of ensuring the effectiveness of the work of the UN Open-ended Working Group, the full participation of states in the negotiation process is of paramount importance.

We draw attention to the non-compliance with the obligations of hosting the UN agencies not only by Washington, but also by Switzerland. ”

Tiazlova’s statements respond to the refusal of the US authorities to issue an entry visa to the main official of the Kremlin in relation to cybersecurity, Andrei Krutskikh, who was to head the delegation of the Eurasian country at the session of the UN Security Working Group.

The impediment was included in the sanctions, after the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, on February 24, several countries, mostly from the West, were activated, with the aim of inflicting as much damage as possible on the Russian economy and politics. , thus putting pressure on Moscow to stop hostilities. (PL)

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