Russia refuses to release Navalny

Russia has said it will not consider the request for the release of opposition activist Alexei Navalny from the West because it is an internal matter.

“This is a purely domestic issue. We will not allow anyone to interfere,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today, referring to Navalny’s arrest in Moscow on January 17, not yet. An hour after the activist returned from Berlin, Germany.

Alexei Navalny (blue shirt) was taken from a police station on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, on January 18th. picture: France Press agency.

Russian officials said Navalny was arrested for violating the rule of control and will remain in custody until the end of the month, when a trial is held to decide whether his suspended sentence will be converted to 3.5 prison terms. A year or not. In 2014, Navalny and her brother Oleg were found guilty of embezzling nearly $ 500,000 from two Russian companies in 2008-2012. The 44-year-old is also at risk of facing problems with three more criminal cases.

After the hearing on January 18 in the suburbs of Moscow, Navalny was transferred to the Matroskaya Tishina high-security prison in the capital. Nevertheless, he was still calling on people to take to the streets to protest the arrest, a move Peskov said “caused problems”. The United States and the European Union also called on Russia to release Navalny.

Navalny, the leader of the opposition Russian People’s Federation, lost consciousness in August 2020 during a flight from Siberia to Moscow, and was then transferred to Berlin for treatment.

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Western countries accused Russia of “poisoning” Navalny with the Soviet-era nerve gas Novichok, similar to the activist’s claim, but Moscow has repeatedly denied this. The Kremlin claims that legal procedures for Navalny will be determined by relevant law enforcement agencies.

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