Russia investigates British special forces deployment in Ukraine

The highest official investigative body in Russia He said on Saturday it’s him I’m doing a search A Russian media report claims that sabotage experts subordinate British Special Forces SAS Posted in the West Ukraine.

The Special Air Service (SAS) he is Elite military force Practice performing special operationssurveillance and counter-terrorism.

On Saturday, Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency quoted a Russian security source as saying that about 20 members of the special forces had been sent to the Lviv region.

The investigative committee said, in a statement, that it would consider the information allegedly sent “to assist the Ukrainian special services in organizing acts of sabotage on the territory of Ukraine.”

A British Ministry of Defense spokesman said: “We do not comment on Special Forces.”

NATO country

London said it sent military trainers to Ukraine earlier this year to train local forces in the use of anti-tank weapons, but the British government said on February 17 – a week before the Russian invasion – it had withdrawn all but the forces needed to protect their ambassador.

It was not clear what action the investigative committee intends to take in response to possible SAS involvement in Ukraine.

However, the fact that the possible presence of troops from one of the NATO countries is being investigated is significant, given Russia’s initiation Warnings to the West So as not to hinder his “special military operation” in Ukraine.


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