Russia expels Finnish diplomats

Moscow. – Russia He says he’s firing two Finnish diplomats It will leave a multinational organization to focus on Baltic Sea،, as tensions remain high over Finland and Sweden’s ambitions to join NATO.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia Framed on Tuesday kicked out Two Finnish diplomats in response to Expulsion from Finland From two Russians last month.

He also said that the Finnish ambassador read a protest against “Finland’s confrontational course regarding Russia“, including its role in international sanctions against Russia and supplying weapons to Ukraine. The statement did not mention NATO.

Russia said it would leave the board Baltic Sea Countriesa group of 11 countries in which Finland and Sweden They are prominent members, and the related Baltic Parliamentary Congress, an assembly of national legislators.

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Moscow He says that the EU member states and NATO They sought to use the CBSS as an “instrument of anti-Russian politics”. Russia was suspended from participating in CBSS in March by the other members.

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