Russia expels Finnish diplomats after similar Helsinki action – El Financiero

Russia I decided this Tuesday Two Finnish diplomats expelled in Response to declaring Helsinki persona non grata last April Two members of the embassy Russia, the State Department reported.

This is how Russian diplomacy conveyed it to Finland’s ambassador to MoscowHey, you’re a hylantera.

Moscow ‘strongly protested the Unjustified expulsion from Finland From Employees at the Russian Embassy in Helsinki As part of the anti-Russian sanctions campaign in European Union (EU)as well as the path A confrontation between Finland and RussiaIncluding supplying weapons to the Kyiv regime and covering up crimes in Donbass and Ukraine.

He added that as a result, Helantera was informed that “it is unacceptable that two employees of the Finnish embassy in Moscow continue their stay in the Russian Federation.”

Finland applies to join NATO

The Finnish diplomats expelled It comes as Finland’s parliament debates whether to ratify the membership application approved on Sunday by President Sauli Niinistro, and the government for Nordic entry into NATO.

Russian President, Russian President Vladimir Putinhe said that NATO expansion to include Finland – And Sweden – is not a problem in itself for Russia, but it would be a problem if it included the deployment of Allied weapons on the territory of those countries, in which case there would be a “response”.

as it happens then Russia cuts power to Finland Because of Payment Problems.

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