Russia discusses the American biological program at the Biological Weapons Conference

This content was published on Nov 26, 2022 – 13:25

Moscow, Nov. 26 (EFE). The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that it will demand answers about the alleged US military biological program in third countries at the upcoming conference of signatories to the Convention on Biological and Toxin Weapons (CABT). .

“We have asked our questions about the real goals of the Pentagon’s research programs in various international fields, but they have not yet received an answer,” said Igor Kirillov, head of the radiological, chemical and biological protection forces, at a press conference. ..

According to the Russian military, Moscow “intends to discuss it again during the 9th Conference of Member States of the Convention on Biological and Toxin Weapons to be held in Geneva from November 28 to December 16.

Kirillov noted that Russia has repeatedly decried the possibility of “the United States and its allies implementing” dual-purpose programs “extraterritorially” in laboratories controlled by Washington or in “joint laboratories that receive money from the military departments of these countries.” “.

In particular, he noted that in the reports submitted by the United States and Ukraine to the CABT “joint activity was consciously ignored, despite its obvious biomilitary characteristics,” and called for an increase in control mechanisms within the framework of the agreement.

He noted that it is important “to resume talks to draft a legally binding protocol within the framework of the Palestinian Legislative Council that includes lists of pathogens, toxins and specialized equipment, takes into account recent scientific and technical achievements in the branch of biology and foresees an effective control mechanism.”

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Kirillov noted that Russia proposes to “expand confidence-building measures with information on research and development in the field of biological protection carried out outside the national territory, as well as information on animal vaccine production plants.”

“The practical implementation of our proposals will promote increased transparency of national biological programs and compliance without exception with the requirements of the Convention by all member states,” he said.

Last March, Russia denounced that it had found in Ukraine evidence of thirty biological laboratories in 14 cities, all under the auspices of the United States, something that both Washington and Kiev deny.

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