Russia cuts gas supplies to Finland

The Russia’s Gazprom on Saturday stopped supplying gas to FinlandAccording to the Finnish company Gasum, which published a notification received on Friday from the neighboring country responding to the refusal to pay in rubles.

Russian service was halted at 7:00 a.m. (local time) this Saturday, according to Gassum, who promised to maintain service thanks to the supply via the Baltic Gas Pipeline, which links Finland and Estonia.

Jassum’s chief, Mika Willenen, considered Russia’s cut “extremely unfortunate”, but defended in a statement that they are already prepared for this situation, so the supply is guaranteed for the coming months.

In a separate announcement, the Finnish government also announced a 10-year agreement with US energy company Excelerate Energy to lease a floating storage vessel and gas-to-gas regasification (FSRU) that will help replace Russian gas.

“This LNG plant will allow us to get rid of Russian gas,” said Finance Minister Annika Saariko, according to Finnish Radio and Television. YLE. Gas accounts for 5% of Finland’s total energy consumption.

Russia had already shut down the water tap in Poland and Bulgaria last month, By decree, Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to punish “enemy” countries by forcing them to open two accounts in Gazprombank, one in foreign currency and the other in rubles.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak confirmed on Thursday that half of the 54 foreign gas buyers have accepted this condition, and therefore contracts are not in jeopardy, although he did not detail the exact list. (Europress)

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