Russia claims to have destroyed 15 US howitzers in Ukraine

The Russian army was destroyed on the last fifteenth day Howitzer American M-777, known as howitzerin east Ukraineaccording to what was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense in its morning segment.

The 155mm M-777 howitzer supplied by the United States and European countries Ukraine They made a good goal. “On the last day alone, 15 units were destroyed, most of them near the Druzkivka railway station, without firing a single shot,” the Russian command said.

According to defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov, Ukraine This type of cannon was used during an unsuccessful attempt to seize Zmini Island (Snake Island) the day before.

The representative of the military entity explained that “the Kyiv regime’s operation included intense air and artillery attacks on the island of Zmini, followed by the landing and occupation.”

According to the Ministry of Defense, “more than 15 Ukrainian attack and reconnaissance drones took part in the air attack,” supported by two Bayraktar TB-2, Global Hawk RQ-4 and S-300 anti-aircraft aircraft.

Russian cruise missiles

The Ukrainian forces They supported this attack by firing Tochka-U missiles and Uragán and Howitzer rifles placed at positions west of Odessa.

Konashenkov stated that the Russian anti-aircraft defense had shot down all the projectiles fired on the island – 13 UAVs, 14 Tochka-U missiles, 21 Uragán – and before that the Ukrainian side had refrained from sending landing forces to Zmeny.

Seeing the attempts to seize the island frustrated, Ukraine Using anti-ship missiles and a Bayraktar TB-2 drone to attack two Russian gas platforms in the Black Sea, Konashenkov said.

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In response to this attack, Russia Onyx cruise missiles were fired at the Shkolny military airfield in the Odessa region, destroying aircraft hangars with Bayraktar drones, and attacked the island of Kubansky, where they destroyed two howitzers.

Russian aircraft also destroyed two S-300 anti-aircraft missile launchers in the Odessa region. (EFE)

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