Russia accuses the UK of infiltrating private agents in Ukraine disguised as doctors

Russiausing the reports of the main investigative body, has been charged United kingdom to infiltrate to the west Ukraine Several special agents posing as doctors in order to conduct “acts of sabotage and guerrilla warfare,” The Sun reported.

According to this information, the customers deployed in Ukraine by the United Kingdom belong to private air service (SAS), an elite military force dedicated to special operations, surveillance, and counter-terrorism. For its part, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti will amplify the existing suspicions among the Russian security forces by detailing that there will be 20 SAS special agents, who were to be deployed in the region libolis (group).

Commission of Inquiry (IC) of Moscow It will also issue a statement ensuring that the end of the presence of these agents will be in response to the purpose of “helping the Ukrainian special services to organize acts of sabotage on the territory of Ukraine.”

According to the ICRC, “at least two groups of sabotage and guerrilla specialists from the British Special Air Service (SAS) have been sent to groupAdding that “with a high degree of probability, these specialists came to improve the skills and efficiency of the Ukrainian special services in coordinating the activities of subversive groups in the Ukrainian territory controlled by Russian forces.”

Meanwhile, the British Ministry of Defense neither confirmed nor denied this. “We do not comment on the special forces,” a spokesman said, without denying that military trainers were sent to Ukraine to direct Zelensky’s forces to use anti-tank weapons.

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