Rumors about Pope Francis’ resignation due to health problems

Rumors about the possible resignation of the Catholic Church’s supreme pontiff have gained strength in recent days after he canceled some scheduled visits due to health problems that put thousands of parishioners on alert.

Since then, it seems that the Pope’s health has become more delicate In recent days, Francisco canceled his schedule again on medical recommendation In the face of mounting mobility problems that forced him for weeks to carry out activities in a wheelchair.

Having said that, the Italian media has been speculating that the Holy Father might consider retirement; however, The official Vatican channels did not comment on these suspicions That generate uncertainty and anxiety among the community.

Although these rumors intensified after the Pope himself announced the formation of a union council next August 27, in which 21 new cardinals will be appointed, of whom 16 will be under 80, and may be on the list to become Francis’ successor.

What worries many is that more and more pictures of the Supreme Pontiff, with his limited movement, are increasing. is to remember it At the beginning of May, Pope Francis was seen moving in a wheelchair while doing his work, During the month of April, the religious leader had to cancel some of his commitments, allegedly due to health problems.

An example of this is the cancellation of his trip to Lebanon, which was scheduled for next June. “Lebanon has received a letter from the Vatican officially notifying the decision to postpone the Pope’s scheduled visit. Lebanese Tourism Minister Walid Nassar said in a statement that the decision was taken for health reasons.

Pope Francis joked with Mexicans and asked for tequila for knee pain

Pope Francis recently joked with a group of Mexican academics who asked him about his knee pain. “Do you know what I need for a leg? A little tequila,” he said, unleashing devout laughter.

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The video, which went viral on social media, was recorded during the general public on May 11, and lasts a few minutes.

Pope Francis, how are you on your knee?‘, asks one of the seminarians. ‘Very capricious’ the Pope responds when talking about the health problems he suffers for and for which he was first seen in a wheelchair, in the framework of a public action that took place at the beginning of May.

In light of this, and in the midst of this funny moment, the seminary successively tells him: “But thank you for your smile, your joy of being here despite the inconvenience. You also give us many examples for future priests.”

And they promised him the following: “If one day we go to Santa Marta, we’ll take you a little bottle.” This is not the first time that the Argentine pope has joked and displayed a sense of humor with the people who greet him during the audience.

He also doesn’t spare in the funny comments about the pain he’s been in for months due to which he’s slipped, after rupturing one of his ligaments.

In January, at a public meeting of believers, he explained his health problems: “It’s a temporary thing. They say this only happens to old people, and I don’t know why it happened to me…He concluded with a smile while the crowd applauded.

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