Rudy and Scarello put Finland

09/14/2022 at 02:51


The captain set an example with his smallest effort and the coach again made magic with his blackboard and impregnable area

The Spanish national team was on the canvas against Finland. We lost by 15 points during the second quarter and the general feeling of frustration was that Don Rodolfo Fernandez Faris seemed to put in a defensive display like no other.

Before he scored the two ranks that gave Baltic the final touch, Rudy stole five ballsHe jumped off the field to score another goal and gave a speech in front of his teammates in the first half, which made them leave and cheer for the second half. “I think he was going too far with what he was saying, but he’s the leader”Scarello said about the madridista talk.

Rudy played his 231st game as a Spanish international And if he plays in the remaining two matches of the tournament, he will overtake Juan Carlos Navarro as the player who wore the Spain shirt most of the time. Rudy watched them in all colors and against Finland had to risk a damaged physique again at just 37 years old.

Good old Rodolfo led Spain to his country Eleventh semi-finals EuroBasket streak. Since the launch of Barcelona 97, this team has always been in the fight for medals Only staying without a metal suspension at the 2005 European Championships when we made Nowitzki bitter in the match for third place.

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Spain entered the first half and lost nine points and With this balance, our team only managed to beat a match played by five players. The one we turned the tables on, in the semi-finals of the 2012 Olympics against Russia, Rudy and Scarello were already champions on the team.

Sciolo . factor

The Italian once again knew how to turn the tide of a team that wasn’t very supportive in defense in the first quarter. The panic in Markannen overwhelmed the Spanish defense Allow three times from some unforgiving Finns in that stormy start.

Spain had only conceded 30 points in its net DateAgainst the US team – the black leg – at the Olympic Games. Finland broke the exception as it scored 30-19 in the quarter-finals.

The tables have turned soon Scarello put the box in and allowed Luli Hernangomez to rest more comfortably in defence. The man from Madrid responded with a great offensive performance with 27 points in just 24 minutes. The coach knew how to extract juice from a player who was never satisfied with his lack of defensive intervention, which increased his chances.

Spain awaits hosts Germany in a very bad semi-final. No one expected Spain to participate in the battle for the medal and the same thing happens with some Germans who succeeded in eliminating the Greek Antetokounmpo. EuroBasket was left without any of the NBA MVPs after Serbia’s early elimination Jokic.

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