RTL: Stern TV saves him space! ‘No theater for the perpetrators’

RTL: “Stern TV” Gives Him a Platform – “My Heart Shuts Down There”

4/29/2022 at 8:52 PM

RTL: That’s how it all started in the announcer

RTL: That’s how it all started in the announcer

The private television channel RTL began to air on January 2, 1984 in Germany. At that time the station was called RTL plus. The abbreviation “RTL” is derived from the name “Radio Television Luxembourg”. The television station was created as an offshoot of the German language radio program “Radio Luxembourg”.

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It’s been in the headlines for several weeks. Comedian Faisal Al-Kousi caused quite a stir online with his comments about his knockout drops. Stern TV announced Wednesday (April 27) that he will be a guest of all people in RTL– The show will be. Is it right to give him a platform?

No, they think so RTLViewers and reaction on social media.

RTL invites Faisal Al-Qousi to Stern TV – shares a great story

Youtuber Silvi Carlsson, who herself was a victim of a knockout drop, released public statements on the subject and became very popular on social media. Not long ago, the comedian robbed her of a tasteless “joke”.

In Stern TV you must now talk about the subject as an affected person. “When I then expressed my interest, I was told that there would be a lively discussion between me and Faisal Al-Kawsi,” she says on her Instagram story.

Faisal Al-Kousi on Stern TV: RTL viewers are shocked

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Her post will be published and commented on on Twitter. Here are some news on this topic:

  • “The desire to bring people like Faisal al-Kusi in front of the victim after a week and not cancel their invitation, even though the victim requested it, is more than questionable.”
  • “Now will ‘Mr.’ Kawusi get a platform on TV for his quirky behavior and talk?”
  • “Why didn’t you just invite someone else to present their point of view? That would have been more appropriate.”
  • Great, my heart is choking

Viewers also responded unequivocally on the official Instagram channel “Stern TV”:

  • “Why are you calling the man, why?”
  • ‘No stage for offenders’
  • “How lost would you be in making a stage for someone like that?”

RTL invites Faisal Al-Kousi to Stern TV: That’s it

YouTuber and influencer Joyce Elge posted a selfie with comedian Luke Mockridge on Easter Sunday with the caption, “Have any of you found eggs here? I only got a few drops of KO.”

The post was widely circulated and severely criticized. Youtuber Silvi Carlsson also commented below: “I almost died from knockouts. Not cool, Joyce. Faisal Al-Kousi replied with a sentence: ‘Sylvi Carlsson, next time I’ll increase the dose, I promise.'”

After inviting Faisal Al-Koosi through RTL: Sylvie Carlson is stunned

After a video message from the comedian, the Sat.1 TV presenter shared and announced the end of Faisal Al-Qousi’s TV broadcast (more on this here!).

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Like many others, broadcaster Sylvie Carlson was shocked by the decision. For her, her decision is clear: “I do not want to be the target of a stage created especially for him. Apparently, the editors decided that in case of doubt, they would rather hear his point of view than mine. “


More about RTL:


Motsy Mabuz is now blown away by Faisal’s appearance on RTL’s Stern TV.

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