Ron DeSantis would beat him in the Republican primary

Citizens of the United States will vote in the primaries in the Republican Party In light of the 2024 presidential election they would prefer the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis Compared to former President Donald Trump. This came in a poll published today by the “Wall Street Journal”, stating that in a hypothetical two-way race for the Republican nomination, DeSantis would have the support of 52 percent of voters, while Trump would stand at 38 percent. 86 percent of Republican voters have a favorable opinion of the Italian-American, compared to 74 who said the same of the businessman. Only one in ten say they don’t know enough about DeSantis to have an opinion.

If you expand the sample to all registered voters, the Florida governor is viewed favorably by 43 percent, compared to 36 percent for the previous president. The results of the November 8 midterm elections are likely to weigh on the outcome of the ballot, with the GOP gaining a majority in the House of Representatives but losing a Senate seat and two gubernatorial seats. DeSantis, for his part, is re-elected in Florida by nearly 20 points behind challenger Charlie Crist. Trump is currently the only Republican leader to announce his 2024 candidacy, but observers expect several challengers to enter the field in the coming weeks, including DeSantis himself.

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