Romina Fernandez travels to Switzerland

Romina Fernandez, from Tokyo to Switzerland and Paris.

Paralympic sprinter Romina Fernandez had already won her first US championship in Peru and reached the sport’s greatest event, the Tokyo Olympics, returning two certificates. Starting tomorrow Saturday 20, he will make another trip and will be to the European continent where he will be until mid-June in two evaluation tournaments on behalf of Argentina and FADEPAC.

“I’m less nervous, it’s not as much in Tokyo,” said the Mercedes player, who arrived at CENARD on Friday to accompany her mother, Maria Lopez, sisters Roxana Fernandez and Alejandro Rosso. Already in Buenos Aires, he has passed the anointing and will spend the night waiting to board the plane on Saturday morning.

Accompanying Romina Lisandro Mohobirac and athlete Hernan Barreto, both from Fadeback, will take part from May 20 to June 13 in two competitions that will allow her to re-check her F 32 class at the club and shoot. The first destination is the city of Notuil (Switzerland) and then the city of Paris (France).

“I came well in training, I had some club throws over 20 metres, and I was also in a tournament in Senard” This happened a few days ago where he hit 18m and 88cm, although his best record was in Tokyo with 19m and 43cm . poison. Romina will seek to add experience and qualify for future sporting commitments.

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