Rodas comes out on top in his county baseball debut

Rodas’ team defeated his similar team from Cienfuegos several times in the beginning of the Regional Baseball Series, in Opening Day marred by a five-hit shutout and a suspension for the double bill between Abreos and Aguada de Pasajeros.

The Rodens took over the 5 de Septiembre and passed the locals with 1 x 0 and 4 x 1 lists. Whitewashing in the name of giants Yasmani Insua, who won the excellent duel against young Kevin Hernandez. At two o’clock Daniel Yannis smiled, while Daryl Loyola left the narrow door.

This was all in the Damuji area, due to the aforementioned suspension between Abreuenses and Aguadenses due to transportation problems.

For the Bad Weather District, there was a division of honour, and in all cases the winning teams left their competitors blank.

Cumanayagua beat Palmira 3×0, with a success from Darian González and a setback from Raidel Consuegra. Then the roles were reversed and Palmeira won 13 x 0. Daryl Alvarez smiled and made Hector Vicente’s face.

On the other hand, Cruces, from the left hand of Abel Campos, was ahead of Lajas 4 x 0. Leosbel Villazón took over the rout.

Later, Lajeros responded 6 x 0, with a personal win by Redis Perez and a fall by Elie Sotolongo.

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