Roberto Cox reveals the tensions he lived with the Taliban in Afghanistan: They forced him to delete the photos | TV and show

On Sunday, Roberto Cox showed the second part of the report that was prepared in Afghanistan, revealing part of the problems he had with the Taliban.

Robert Cox Sunday Night Show Part Two of the Life in Afghanistan report, showing what happens in that country after the Taliban came to power.

In this sense, the reporter accompanied the police patrols, spoke with the guerrillas responsible for security in Kabul, saw how the phenomenon of opium addiction occurred among the population, and heard testimonies from women who were denied their rights.

However, during the report, Cox experienced a moment of great tension. This is after a Taliban member told him that “I will only record the positive things, nothing bad.”

After that, he confirmed that he and his team were invited by a police chief for lunch, where they informed him that they would review all the photos he photographed.

At that moment, hold Had to go to the bathroom to delete some videos It could be harmful during their stay in that country.

Finally, he said, the group advised him to make some recordings he had made of the residents and possibly the trouble spots in Kabul. There was no kind of punishment for the team.

According to Roberto Cox, the Taliban regime recently forced women to wear the burqa to go outside. Otherwise, they and their male relatives can be punished.

The burqa covers the entire body of the woman, with a minimal opening in the eye area so that she can see.

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It should be remembered that in the middle of last year the armed group took control of the country, after the United States withdrew its forces after more than a decade.

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