Rip ahead of Munich attack: Fans must now spend up to €2,000 for MFL glasses in Munich

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The mega event at Allianz Arena has been sold out for a long time. But tickets for the first game of the NFL season on German soil are still available online. However, the prices are astronomical.

Munich – World Premiere: On November 13, next Sunday, the first game of the National Football League (NFL) season will take place on German soil. The stars from America are with us here Munich: At Allianz Arena, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Tom Brady meets the Seattle Seahawks from 3:30 p.m. And although the fencing has been selling for months, tickets are still being offered – at awesome prices! One ticket costs about 2,000 euros online, for three VIP tickets you can pay more than 8,000 euros. For comparison: the premium packages cost just over 600 euros up front in mid-June. The standard card was already available at prices between 62.50 and 155 euros.

NFL game at Allianz Arena: star quarterback Tom Brady also travels to Munich

Football is a cult in the United States – and it has now spread to Europe. Midfielder Tom Brady also travels to Munich. Although he’s been in negative headlines lately due to his streak of defeats and divorce from Bundchen, BUT: He has many fans and they remain loyal to him. The numbers show the extent to which he and his colleagues cast a spell on the Germans. According to NFL President Alexander Steinfurth, three million tickets for the Munich game could have been sold – if there were too many of them to fit the field.

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Logically, what is needed becomes expensive: many fans are already ready to pay a lot of money for a ticket after all. Perhaps that is why some of those who got tickets in the summer are now trying to resell tickets at high prices.

If you want to buy a ticket on selling platforms such as Ebay or Viagogo, you should be careful. Because there is probably no guarantee that the cards are valid. Ran, which broadcasts NFL matches live on TV, has been warning for some time about the way to buy tickets on its website.

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Selling tickets at exorbitant prices is a thorn in the side of the NFL managers

According to Ran, football fans should be aware that tickets are only due in full if they are sold through Ticketmaster. Tickets for resale are displayed on this online platform. According to Ran, if you don’t buy tickets there, you risk a lot. In this case, the NFL may question the validity of the ticket. We therefore strongly advise against purchasing from platforms other than Ticketmaster.

Moreover: cards are customized and finally generated only after data is entered – an additional hurdle for resale.

Superstar Tom Brady attends a guest house at the Allianz Arena in Munich on November 13.

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subordinate Rush to the NFL Munich cardn in June was phenomenal. It only took 55 minutes in that time – and all 50,000 Allianz Arena tickets are gone. Of course, the NFL folks know that many of those are now being resold at exorbitant prices. Germany coach Steinfurth said this was an “absolute thorn in his side”.

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At least there is solace to all those who did not get an admission ticket to the Allianz Arena: you can watch the game on Sunday afternoon in one of the public scenes. Entry to the Audi Dome is at 1 pm. Tickets for this event are still available – from 29 euros. Regina Mittmayr

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