Resident Evil becomes a new Netflix series

Or not video game (It was 1996!), Then a series of stories and Horror filmAnd finally, a new one TV series Netflix. This is the latest development vampirea creative media franchise on zombies And monsters of all kinds. there a series It’s been announced for a while, but finally there’s one Exit date.

The conspiracies game and movies vampire – The latter, among other things, will be available in Prime video Starting May 28 – usually around Serious consequences From different experiences Umbrella Company Which are beyond the control of scholars: are they invasions? zombiesviruses or monsters generated in the laboratory, the result is a survival horror or a adrenaline rush Where heroes must try to save themselves at all costs. Resident Evil: The Seriesis coming Netflixyou will not deviate from this genre, while suggesting one new story.

What is the Resident Evil series about?

there Netflix series vampire written by 8 episodes 60 minutes each and one talk original story Specifically designed for multi-loop development. Heroes are sons Albert Weskera character already well known to fans of the genre and to movie viewers, since he played the iconic role of a villain.

set in the not too distant future, Date happen on Two schedules. at first Jade and Billy Weskerthe sisters, are 14 years old and move to the new Raccoon City, where they discover that their father Albert is hiding shocking secrets that could lead the world to destruction.

at second scheduleafter about ten years, the world is now devastated by the spread of a killer virus, called the T virus, which had tragic consequences for the population. In fact, only 15 million people were left on Earth and many of them turned into a mass of infected and bloodthirsty individuals.

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Jade Wesker She tries to survive in these harsh conditions, but in the meantime she is haunted by her past New Raccoon CityFrom the secret of the disappearance Sister Billy and discover disturbing connections between his father and Umbrella Company.

Cast: Who is starring in Resident Evil?

In the spit Appears Ella PalinskaTamara Smart, Sienna Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Paula Nunez, Ahad Reza Meir, Conor Gusati, Turlo Convery and Lance Riddick.

When the Resident Evil series comes out

Top Netflix There is already a fairly recent TV project dedicated to Resident Evil, i.e. Resident Evil Infinite Darkness: This is actually a remake of Resident Evil 2. there TV series Coming Soon written by Andrew Dabb (formerly Supernatural) and directed by Bronwyn Hughes, who has put his signature in the past on the likes of The Walking Dead and The Journey is the Destination. there Release date on Netflix assigned to July 14, 2022.

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