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The exact position required two operations on the woman, to remove the body in stages. His actual weight was 50 kilograms.

The media in Europe gave an account of a medical case that occurred in Italy, where professionals removed a A 70-kilogram tumor of a woman who was having difficulty breathing. Two operations were performed in total, after which the patient was left with a body mass of 50 kg.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the scientistthe event took place at the Molinite Hospital in Turin, and so far, it will be the heaviest tumor removed in the medical literature.

Specifically, the person came weeks ago to the medical center stating that he was having great difficulty breathing. After undergoing tests, it was found that she suffers from respiratory failure due to a Large benign abdominal tumor.

The situation was classified as serious, because the mass was pressing on the woman’s stomach and lungs until she died if she did not receive treatment.

Via Dr. Francesco Moro: The tumor had occupied the patient’s entire abdomen, up to her lungs, to the point that she was not breathing. It was a very difficult process, but we are all very satisfied because the woman is doing very well now and the recovery has been very fast.”

Total mass of 70 kg

Specifically, two operations were performed. The first consists in removing the “most liquid” part of the tumor, which consists of 52 kilograms of mass and material.

A second intervention was added to this, in which 25 kilograms of solid object was removed, which eventually caused the lungs to become clogged.

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“An essential step to be able to move forward with the eradication process A mass of cystic adenoma in the ovary of about 25 kilograms in a second operation “, Professional explained.

This is how the woman went from presenting a size and body weight greater than 100 kilograms, to her almost normal weight, which consists of 50 kilograms.

The final part of the operation was to refer her to the hospital nutrition service, because the doctors decided that she should gain at least seven kilograms.

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