Release period and new details from the author of the Netflix series –

Hwang Dong-hyuk, lead author of Squid Game, was recently interviewed by Vanity Fair in an article where he also touched on the topic. Squid 2 . gameTo show what’s possible exit period From the new Netflix TV series and some of them Details on workmanship and production characteristics.

Hwang Dong Hyuk He noted, first of all, that processing times will still be long: the text is not ready at all but there is simply Some “Ideas” pages which the author is developing and which he intends to include in the second season of Squid.

Squid game, image from season 1

If you assume a release period, as reported in the magazine, it would be end of 2023but if there isn’t already a script ready yet, we’ll probably at least move on to the next year for release.

As for the issues that will be addressed, which will also partially resume those seen in the first season, the author said he was convinced he wanted to explore a real possibility. symbiosis Among humans, which requires the regulation of different situations even in relation to what was previously seen, with greater emphasis on potential group dynamics.

Obviously there will be new games and challenges compared to those we saw earlier, but it could also have something to do with cooperation. As for the rest, nothing has been proven about Squid Game 2 yet, except that Dong-hyuk also spoke with some of the actors from season one, but it’s not clear if this can be replicated.

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