Record global military spending, the United States spends 12 times more than Russia (which in turn spends 11 times more than Ukraine)

Trento. there military spending to global floor touched in 2021 a new topexceed the threshold 2000 billion from dollar Total. To report data Stockholm International Peace Research Institute at Link Where is emphasized how total expensesarrived in 2021 to 2.113 billion dollarthe two are in continuous growth from 2015distance 2014 Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea. according to authors studyto the light From the Russian invasion of Ukraine It is then possible that current direction also confirm in the next yearsLeads to Other increases from military spending.

looking forward to Rank Mode from the instituteThe dominance American at Investments at armament turns up Clear: The States I’m actually al first place With 801 billion from dollar from Expenses (-1.4% compared to 2020), which is equivalent to 38% from total expenses to level my world (and al 3.5% subordinate National GDP). behind the United States ChinaWith 293 billion from dollar (1.7% of GDP), India (76.6 billion $2.7% of GDP) and kingdom united (68.4 billions in dollars, 2.2% of GDP). In fifth there then Russiathe hero of the story of aggression Which was destroyed for two months UkraineWith 65.9 billions from dollar of military spending (+2.9% compared to 2020which is equivalent to 4.1% of National GDP).

In the 2021 In short, the United State They spent about 12 times from more from Russiawhich in turn spent about 11 times more than Ukraineat 36 location with “suns” 5.9 billion from dollar from military spending (Equal 3.2% subordinate National GDP).

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at Italia there Spending for 2021 reached the height 32 billions from dollarEqual1.5% subordinate for us Gross domestic product. As mentioned, however, the direction Stream see the Investments at armament at growth to global floor right in Europedistance aggression RussianI am someone different villages (starting from Germany And from Italy) who have already announced that they want it Another increase The king military spending. Outside old world Then China Her expenses increased in 2021 subordinate 4.7% compared to 2020on the occasion of the Twenty-seventh year Straight from growth. plan Development army pay others villages overlooking the area PacificLike Japan And Australiato To answer from consequence (The percentage increase of military spending compared to 2020 were straight from 7.3% In the Land of the Rising Sunthey reached a total of 54.1 billion from dollarBorn in 4% at Australiaright behind him, to Italy With 31.8 billion from dollar from Expenses).

with regard to United Stateunderline study authors, and The expense component increased even more Who is this search e Development (+24% from 2012), when I funds to collection from arms got off from 5.4% between 2020 and the 2021. between defense sectors who saw one Bigger growth In the 2021we read in Reportthere is one related to Expenses to systems nuclearwhich reflects: The planned reform and modernization of the US nuclear arsenalSo it seems that the priority at the moment is Development from the new Technologies to Update The armies instead of investment heavy“at armament. process also witnessed Chinese shopping In the first year of his life Fourteenth Five-Year Planthe researchers write, which will continue until 2025 will be Target from “Going into details theremerger‘ between the military field And civilsupport cooperation scientific And technology between civilians And army In areas like section The spaceAnd Nautical Based on Technologies new“.

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