Recapture begins with Australia

France’s path to regaining the world championship begins with The same door through which the victory in Russia beganA duel against Australia, a strong opponent who will test the defending champion who arrives with an open wound by losing the Ballon d’Or to Karim Benzema.

If Didier Deschamps’ team has already seen A soldier from the Real Madrid strikerDue to a technical decision, the injury now also leaves them without the contribution of a footballer who has grown exponentially over time to reach the pinnacle of individual rewards.

loss add to others in a The team was hit hard by injuriesSince arriving in Qatar without the two essential pieces of the 2018 title, N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba, he saw Christophe Nkunku leave shortly after starting to focus and once in the Persian Gulf he said goodbye to Benzema.

looking forward to becoming The first team to defend the title since 1962Deschamps is working hard to turn around the setbacks that have galvanized a rejuvenated team, and which is throwing itself forcefully into the arms of Kylian Mbappe, the superstar who emerged in Russia and who, now more grounded, aspires to extend his glories.

Paris Saint-Germain player, Silent since his arrival in Dohaattracts more and more limelight and at the age of 23 he has a new opportunity to show his mental strength and football.

We want you to make a differencebut he is an element of the group, he is part of the teamwork, ”emphasized the coach, eager to relieve him of some pressure, which, according to his belief, Deschamps prefers to be placed in the group and not by any name.

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Jiro Benzema

With the same philosophy, he faces the loss of Benzema, which he himself stresses, besides the loss of quality that it entails, France’s plans are not modifiedwhich will once again see the experienced Olivier Giroud, who is 36, once again involved in supporting the French attack.

Also technical Raphael Varane returns to defencehas limped in recent days but is fit to serve, like Real Madrid’s Eduardo Camavinga, although in his condition he is unlikely to start.

The captain, Hugo Lloris, who was already one in 2018, knows of an order The importance of starting the journey well To “create a positive dynamic”, as he did at the time, recalling that the only good thing about his debut against Australia in Russia was the score.

said the Tottenham goalkeeper, who keeps in his memory the sweat of the resolved duel b Goal by Aziz Bahish in the 80th minute.

The faces have changed a lot of ‘socceroos’ since that appointment, but Graham Arnold’s men keep their own Same fighting spirit They were about to destroy France’s options.

If in 2018 it was their players who ran the most with the Iranians, now they rely on the same physical determination to look for The second time in their history to beat the group stagehaving done so at the World Cup for the first time in 2006.

in that Fourth World Cup in a rowThe Australians intend to cement themselves in the dynamic created after achieving the place in the play-off against Peru in a penalty shootout, a morale-boosting incident.

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Possible alienation:

France: crying. Conate or Varane, Upicano, Lucas Hernandez; Tchwamini, Rabio, Rabio; Griezmann. Dembele, Giroud, Mbappe.

Australia: Rayan. Karadzic, Sotar, Rolls, Behish; Irvine, Moy, Hrustic; Mabel, Duke, Leakey.

Rule: Victor Gomez (RSA)

stadiumSouth Stadium

hour: 22:00 local time (20:00 CET and 19:00 GMT).

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