Reading (aloud) in public: new seating and reading activities in the “Kleine Heroldwiese” public park

Reading benches open with children from primary school in Kleine Kielstraße and children from FABIDO day care center in Bornstraße as well as the mascot “Babbermouth” (Photo: Roland Gorecki, Dortmund Agency)

Dortmund. There are now two reading benches in the Bürgergarten “Kleine Heroldwiese” north of the city centre. It aims to encourage children and young people to spend more time outside and bring them closer to reading – for example by reading aloud: In the future, parent mentors commissioned by the Municipal Integration Center will regularly read stories to interested children and youth there. This offer was jointly developed by the Familienbüro Innenstadt-Nord and the Local Integration Center Dortmund (MIA-DO).

To start the campaign and open the reading benches, children from Kleine Kielstraße Primary School read something to preschoolers from FABIDO-Kita Bornstraße today (Thursday). He also warned the “Babbermouth” reading amulet at the site and gave the children a reading bag.

Focal points and public displays are especially important after isolation during a pandemic period. Reading benches and reading activities provide the opportunity to learn about and practice language and multilingualism. This happens consciously in public, and also to stimulate imitation.

Children to whom they will be read in the future come, for example, from elementary school and day care centers nearby. However, as this offer is open, we welcome all children and youth as well as parents/adults from the neighbourhood. The offer is ongoing and will run between April and October. The dates are published in the Bürgergarten.


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