Rally Finland 2022: Toyotas are difficult to solve even if they are away

The forecast for the next few days of Rally Finland tells us that rain will inevitably appear for Friday afternoon specials and that, in principle, it should not stop accompanying the racers and fans, at least until the episode on Saturday night. . Under these circumstances and after what was seen in Portugal, nothing suggests that Kaley Rovanpera can’t compete for his sixth win From eight possible. Finn started as the fastest in the world shake off, Although it is true that he needs a fourth pass to be on top of the schedule.

Its a representative start of what they will find over the rest of the weekend, with a test section (4.48 km from Rannankylä) that The average speed was over a respectable 138 km/hRovanpera was just half a second ahead of his teammate, Esapekka Lappi, while Ott Tänak was third, right in the middle of the Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 package, with Takamoto Katsuta and Elfyn Evans completing those top spots.

It was quite a show of power to begin with, as the upgraded Toyota proved to be the standard car after taking second place in the Estonia Rally. So far, Lappe was particularly competitive on the first passHe was the quickest to take advantage of his late starting position and extensive knowledge of some of the stages (his home is less than an hour from Jyväskylä) to recapture those sentiments that drove him to win his first and only World Rally Championship in 2017, his first 1000 Lagos race with the World Rally Car.

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after yaris, Craig Breen, Ford’s first Puma Rallye 1 In the records and the only one on the team that definitely begins with this image of a contender to win, more due to the Irishman’s history in this event and his great adaptability than appears during 2022 by the person called up to lead Team M Sports.

For the rest it’s his turn to adapt, well because Gary Hattonen It was a debut or because for Adrien Fourmaux, Pierre-Louis Loubet or Gus Greensmith, the terrain is still inhospitable. Especially for Loubet, it was important to keep adapting to the stand, which is why he completed six passes. The heavy rain in the morning hadn’t left A very delicate fist, resulting in, for example, Oliver Solberg’s spin At high speed in his first run (he would be sixth just ahead of Brien), while it was even more dramatic in WRC2 after Nikolai Grizen’s crash could knock him out of the race.

Shakedown Ranking – Rally Finland 2022:

POS. pilot Sentences the first Second Third the fourth Fifth 6 AH
1 K.Rovanperä Toyota GR Yaris 2: 01.2 1: 58.9 1: 56.9 1: 56.1
two I Laby Toyota GR Yaris 2: 00.3 1: 58.0 1: 56.6
3 or you Hyundai i20N 2: 03.0 1: 58.0 1: 57.0
4 T Katsuta Toyota GR Yaris 2: 03.6 2: 00.1 1: 59.1 1: 57.4
5 E Evans Toyota GR Yaris 2: 03.8 2: 00.2 1: 57.8 1: 57.7
6 O. Solberg Hyundai i20N 2: 10.1 1: 59.8 1: 57.8
7 Jim Bren Ford Cougar 2: 02.4 1: 58.5 1: 58.1
8 PL.Loubet Ford Cougar 2: 06.0 2: 03.2 2: 00.9 1: 59.5 1: 59.8 1: 58.5
9 T Novell Hyundai i20N 2: 06.4 2: 02.3 1: 59.0 1: 58.5
10 Alf Formo Ford Cougar 2: 02.9 2: 00.6 1: 59.8 1: 58.8
Eleven J.Huttunen Ford Cougar 2: 07.1 2: 02.7 2: 02.2 2: 00.2 1: 59.2
12 Greensmith Ford Cougar 2: 05.6 2: 03.6 2: 01.8 2: 00.3

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