Radio Havana Cuba | Lula formalizes alliance with eight parties before upcoming elections

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BRASILIA, Aug. 6 (RHC) Brazil’s former president and candidate, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, has formalized a broad coalition of eight parties to run in the October elections, while President Jair Bolsonaro will seek re-election with the support of a three-group coalition.

Lula and Bolsonaro appear in first and second place in polls that put Cerro Gomez in third, who today presented Afro-descendent lawyer Ana Paula Matos as a running mate.

“More than 33 million people go hungry every day, and the three sacred meals we guarantee in our governments no longer reach the homes of 125 million people,” Lula, of the Labor Party, said today.

“The irresponsibility of this government has no limits, the current president has dealt with the epidemic in a criminal manner, he is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths out of more than 678,000 deaths due to Covid. Part of those deaths are over,” Lula said in Sao Paulo on Friday. Past: “On the president’s back for deniable behavior.”

The national leadership of the Workers’ Party confirmed yesterday in São Paulo the accession of the center-right Avanti Party to the electoral front, whose presidential candidate Andre Janones withdrew from running for president in the October 2 elections.

Labor leader Gliese Hoffman declared Avanti’s support, at 2% in vote intent polls, “very important to the movement we are building in defense of our democracy and our people.”

The PT leader highlighted the “broad” nature of the alliance made up of left-wing forces such as the Workers’ Party, the Brazilian Communist Party and others from the center-right such as Avanti and Soledaridad. (Source / Telesur)

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