Quiroz and Huesler open the Davis Cup series between Ecuador and Switzerland

Guayaquil (Ecuador), September 16 (EFE). Next Saturday, Ecuadorean Roberto Queiroz and Swiss Marc-Andrea Heusler will open the Davis Cup series between Ecuador and Switzerland, the winner of which will play the qualifying round for the tournament finals in 2023.

The series, corresponding to the first set of the Davis Cup, will take place at the resort of Salinas in the coastal province of Santa Elena in southwest Ecuador.

And meet Ecuador and Switzerland after the Ecuadorean team lost 4-0 to France this year in the qualifying round for the finals, while Switzerland beat Lebanon 3-1 to get a place in Group A.

The Ecuadorean team, led by Raul Pfeffer, will seek at the expense of the Swiss to end a series of three consecutive defeats in the Davis Cup, where they have not won a draw since their victory over Japan in the 2020 series.

Switzerland is hoping for its third consecutive victory in the tournament.

The match will begin between Keyrouz, No. 264 in the ATP rankings, and Huesler, No. 87, at noon on the main court of Salinas Golf and Tennis Club.

Then comes Ecuador’s number one racket, Emilio Gomez, ranked 112th in the ATP rankings, against Henri Lacsonen, ranked 123rd.

Sunday’s session will begin at 11:00 am (4:00 pm GMT) with Ecuadoreans Gonzalo Escobar and Diego Hidalgo against Marc-Andrea Hussler and Dominic Stryker.

Then it was time for my singles matches, where the contestants from day one exchanged rivals.

Next, Emilio Jonez-Huysler will face each other in a duel between the best of each team, and later the second from each country, Queiroz and Laksonen, will face each other.

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Huesler said today that he has no preferences about competitors’ rankings and their position in the series.

“Honestly, I didn’t really care, but it’s nice to open the series and get the first impression on the audience. I’ll try to play a good game and win the point,” Heusler said.

He added: “We played twice with good results, and we know that the (Ecuadorean) doubles player is among the top hundred players in the world, but we are also strong in doubles and we hope to win that match.”

“The first game is important to set the tone for what the series will be,” Queiroz commented.

“I came with a good atmosphere. I know Hussler is a great player, I’ve known him for a long time, but we play at home and we will try to make the home team win with the help of the fans and push the series forward,” said Queiroz.

Facing the doubles match, Gonzalo Escobar emphasized that his rivals were “very good players”, praising the unity of the Swiss, but stressed that the Ecuadorians were “at a great moment”.

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