Pyrmont multifunctional space

Bad Bermont: The former rooms of the Pyrmonter Nachrichten and the public toilets in the town hall are being converted into a multifunctional space as part of Lower Saxony’s emergency program ‘City Center Perspective’.

Suggested name STADT: RAUM was selected in the context of an idea competition for the designation of the multifunctional space. This was announced by the city administration of Bad Pyrmont.

It will be a meeting place for young and old

NEW STADT: RAUM will be made available in the future for different uses and concepts by various cultural and social associations and institutions. With events and exhibitions of all kinds, a large population must be addressed, which contributes to the attractiveness of the city center.

A meeting place for young and old will be created, which will address very different interest groups in short periods of time. Structural measures are being taken for this. The demolition work began on Monday, May 16th. In this context, construction site facilities will be required on the town hall plaza for the construction period. The construction work will take about three to four months.

The total investment amount for this procedure is €200,000. Grants will be made from React-EU funds in the amount of €174,500.

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