Putin’s treasure of more than 4 billion has been discovered in palaces, yachts and vineyards

A fortress of 86 companies on behalf of the various candidates that owns approximately 4.3 billion euros in real estate, yachts, private jets and financial assets. And these will be the real estate controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to incoming reports Investigation Conducted by a group of investigative reporters. Given the salary of about 11 thousand euros per month and the sober and sober lifestyle presented to the media, the head of the Kremlin will not miss any luxury.

From the opulent “Putin Palace” on the shores of the Black Sea, valued at around 950 million euros, to the nearby vineyards (but owned by oligarch Gennady Timchenko and the son of Putin’s childhood friend), the Russian president’s real estate looks much bigger than what is offered to his compatriots and the rest of the world. Investigative journalists from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Occrp) group and independent Russian media, Meduza, have been exposing the “tsar’s” property.

All assets considered available to Putin, although they are owned by different individuals, companies and charities, share the same email domain: LLCInvest.ru. According to the journalists who took part in the investigation, it is a web server hosted by a Russian IT company called Moskomsvyaz. According to a series of private emails leaked last September, the theoretical owners and asset managers in their name are managing resources and discussing their business problems as if they were part of a single organization.

“Many businessmen who own investment LLCs are part of the group of friends and colleagues who united around Putin when he was a high-ranking official in Saint Petersburg in the 1990s,” one expert told the group of journalists. Examined the results of the investigation in Russia on condition of anonymity.

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Among the identified assets there are also the Igora ski resort in the Leningrad Territory, where the wedding of Putin’s daughter took place in 2013, a villa north of St. Long it belongs to Putin himself.

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