Putin orders the seizure of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine | international

Vladimir Putin ordered the creation of a Russian company to take charge of the management of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, which, after the alleged annexation of this region, would become a federal property under the absolute control of Moscow.

Russian President, Russian President Vladimir Putinissued a decree on Wednesday ordering the government to hand over Ukrainian Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, The largest in Europe, under the control of the Russian army since March.

The presidential decree states that the factory and adjacent facilities necessary for its operation must be owned by the state.

For this, the government will have to create a company that will be responsible for ensuring the security of the facilities, which have been attacked during the last two months, accusing both sides.

Precisely for this reason, the plant’s reactors were shut down on 9/11, which once again set off alarms from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

This Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry has already confirmed that after the annexation of the territory last Friday, the plant is on the national territory, so it must be under the control of the state structures of this country.

In addition, the Russian company Rosenergoatom, which this week created a company to manage its operations, announced the appointment of a new director of the plant, Oleg Romanenko, the former chief engineer of another Russian plant.

The Ukrainian state-owned nuclear power company, Energoatom, denounced on the first the arrest and disappearance of the person in charge of the plant, Ihor Murashov.

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The head of the plant was finally released on Monday and “expelled” to the territory controlled by Ukraine, so he will not resume his work at the plant.

Putin’s decision was made shortly before the trip of IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to Kyiv and Moscow to continue his consultations aimed at agreeing on a security zone around the plant and implementing it as soon as possible.

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