Professional tennis career: Argentina, India, Vaihingen – local sport

Photo taken together at the awards ceremony: Emily Siebold of Vaihingen (right) and her Indian opponent in the final. Photo: private / cf

For Emily Siebold, who lives in Vaihingen by choice, her current round-the-world trip has turned into a successful sports trip. There’s only one thing you can’t see anymore when it comes to the menu.

This year, too, Emily Siebold had a reason to celebrate so early in the year: that’s simply because the Ludwigsburg native was one of the first kids ever on January 1, 2000 to see the light of day in the new millennium. Since then she can always surf right from New Years Eve until her birthday. In the 22nd year of her young life, the newly promoted TC Blau-Weiss Vaihingen/Rohr tennis player would like to have a few more reasons to sip on a glass of sparkling wine. From a sporting point of view, things certainly started off well, because two weeks ago Siebold won the singles competition in the ITF Women’s World Ranking Championship for the first time.

After defeating local Zil Desai 6-2, 6-1 in the final, the prize money at the $15,000 event in Ahmedabad, India, went to Siebold. In addition, the daughter of the head coach Vaihingen participated in the second final of the tournament in the same category in Nagpur, a city of 2.5 million people in the middle of the huge Indian subcontinent. In this case, she finally had to give up early because of the shoulder pain.

35000 km by plane

Seibold made her way to India from Argentina, where she competed in mid-February. “I could also have included tournaments in France or Portugal in my programme, but in Europe people still play indoors at the moment and I really wanted to play outdoors on the sand,” the 22-year-old said after a total of about 35,000 kilometers flying. Its results jumped from 815 to 698 in the world rankings. The former German youth champion, who last year also started a distance learning course in “International Management” at the University of Ansbach, was not listed higher.

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While South America was Seibold’s target for the second time during her three-year career as a full-fledged professional, India was her premiere. “I felt very comfortable and very safe there, even if the conditions of the places were not remotely comparable to Germany,” Vaihinger says with his choice. It was difficult from a culinary point of view. There is one thing you can hardly see: chicken with rice, said Siebold with a laugh. There were different variations twice a day for two weeks.

A reward for intense preparation

The current successes are Seibold’s first prize after an unusually intense three-month season preparation, which she undertook with new coach Richard Bartik. For the past 12 months, the Czech, who was previously the club’s coach at TSV Altensteig for 17 years, has been accompanying the Vaihingen Bundesliga player to every tournament and is responsible for organizing daily training sessions in Vaihingen, Stammheim, Bernhausen and Heilbronn.

The only current problem with the collaboration: “I’d also like to go to the USA or Australia for four weeks at a time, but my coach’s current vaccination status doesn’t allow it,” says Emily Siebold, who is now training again for a few weeks before the Continuing the championship course in Switzerland at the beginning of April – a relatively short ride in this case.

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