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Michael Jung won with Highlighter in Marbach. Photo: Thomas Hartig /

Michael Young won the four-star championship in Marbach and was also the champion of German professional jockeys in events.

The four-star tournament, which was held at the main stadium in Baden-Württemberg and the state park in Marbach, ended in the best conditions. By defeating the 11-year-old Highlighter’s saddle, Michael Jung became the German professional jockey champion in the event for the eighth time – yet another of many master riding records.

without a watch

That’s when he wasn’t really aiming for it, because by his own admission he didn’t really hit the tube. He wasn’t even wearing a watch, but she’s probably built into it. Thus, there were only 0.8 time errors in cross-country after the flawless jump – Final score: 26.5 points. The second was the Australian fast man – Andrew Hoy, who at 63 years old was the oldest participant in the tournament. With 13-year-old Vasili de Lassus, who was bred in France, he was the only one to stay within the time limit and thus was also the only rider in the 64 pair field to finish CCI4*-S with his taming score (29.1 points). Sandra Ofarth, who also held that position after the jump, defended for third place after dressage. Her overall score in the Rosveel saddle: 31.9 points.

“I was touched by myself”

Michael Jung, the riding master from Horb in the Black Forest, who has already won all the titles that can be won in the event, competed in Marbach with two horses in the CCI4*-S. He said after his win, “I was impressed myself that the Highlighter was still shining really well at the end of the cycle. Even if we needed ten more seconds, it would be fine for me. I didn’t want to win at all costs. I rode without a watch because I wanted to know how My horses condition here and only ride as fast as they can.”

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Young had already won the Five Star Championship in Lexington (USA) last week.

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