private security robs AICM users; They open the bags and search for the bags

Stealing belongings from the ship’s passengers’ luggage Mexico City International Airport It’s an everyday thing, that’s how the Mexican Navy has found it, since it took control of airport security in February of this year.

Video clips from airport security cameras that he had access to Image News with Ciro Gómez Leyva The activities of civilian security personnel exploiting checkpoints and baggage passage to steal money and property from passengers are apparent.

At one of the most guarded points in the country, the pre-boarding candidate, a guard is seen looking through an open bag. He finds a bill, takes it, exchanges it, and puts it in his pocket. But the money rubs against his thigh and leads him to a new hiding place.

Employees of different companies are the ones who are employed in more than one Two thousand 500 cameras What is in the air port?

In another photo, a man working in baggage-carrying cars, without being authorized to check them, is seen opening a suitcase, taking out a portable speaker and hiding it in his pants.

Aware that they are working under surveillance, the thieves’ routine is to pretend not to look at the bag in which they are dipping their hands.

After being discovered from a closed-circuit surveillance area, the officials are arrested, their airport IDs secured, and made available to their companies until they can be dismissed. Hardly more can be done as these are non-complaint issues.

It is a battle every day, every moment, from the moment private company employees enter the airport until they leave. Don’t worry, the guards go through the same checkpoint that they have to cross at every turn. Sometimes, they even wear a little freshener in their clothes.

Added to the complexity of the process, management and migration is the enormous challenge of security, not only because some of the workers are more or less distinct thieves, but also because some of the passengers have a bad idea of ​​being accidental thieves.

For example, a woman, seen in a video, walks to the bathroom with her handbag followed by another passenger. The second one returns with the bag and heads towards the exit, increasing its speed. As if it were her own, she catches her flight and lands in Cancun, where the police are already waiting for her. This time, the owner was faced with a second surprise related to her trip to Mexico and with the same suitcase: She received it at the gates of her home in Colombia.

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