Prince Charles talks about the cost of living sitting on a golden throne and generates a wave of criticism | TV and show

Prince Charles stressed that the government’s priority would be to “boost the economy and help lower the cost of living”, as he was criticized for where he made his speeches.

During this day Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, She stood as Queen Elizabeth II for the first time at the formal opening of Parliamentwhere he referred to the current cost of living crisis in the nation, a fact that has caused multiple protests.

Thus Carlos read the program of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, which collects 38 points, including measures to deal with the increase in inflation due to high energy prices, as well as promoting Economic growth to reduce social inequality.

In the words of the Prince of Wales: The government’s priority will be “boosting the economy and helping lower the cost of living”..

His Majesty’s Government It will increase opportunities across the country and support more people to work.” added later.

however, His speech was not applauded on social media. In fact, many highlighted how the Prince spoke about social issues while sitting on the golden throne.

Specifically, he delivered the speech in the House of Lords, marked by His distinctive golden throne is in the center of the room that the king usually uses.

Likewise, in Isabel’s absence, the place also arrived The imperial crown in his own car, on a red cushion as a symbol of the important relationship between the monarchy and Parliament. Jewel Saeed, at the cheapest of its materials, has velvet and fur coats.

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In addition, it is made up of different gemstones, the most expensive of which is seven rubies, which are according to CountryAnd Those parts alone will cost $2,142,000.That is more than one thousand eight hundred million pesos.

“England is funny. Imagine that every year Scrooge Mcduck (known in Spanish as Rico McPato or Tío Rico) giving a speech on “These difficult times we are all living in” While sitting on a chair made of stacked gold coinsUser wrote about it.

“So, Prince Charles, as rich as you are, you’re sitting on a golden throne next to a crown full of diamonds, talking about how politicians can improve the country. What a joke. If you think the government or the royal family cares about us, you are crazy.”he referred to the most important Internet user.

He described me with bitter irony, but pictures of a man on a golden throne sitting next to a jeweled crown, having his own car, It seems very troublesome in a country where one in seven adults cannot eat.”Another user mentioned.

‘Golden throne for the rich vs. A broken throne for the perpetual poorThey also criticized.

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