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campaign of the leftist candidate for the presidency of Colombia, He confirmed on Thursday that his rival, “has no will” to attend the debate ordered by the court, after refusing to attend any such hearing.

“What we have achieved today is that Rodolfo Hernandez has no desire to attend the discussion.”my chief debater, Petro, argued, Alphonse PradaOn his departure, he met with the Public Information System of Radio and Television Colombia (RTVC), responsible for organizing the event.

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The Supreme Court of Bogotá accepted a tutela (recurso de amparo) suit that ordered a debate between candidates on the ballotwhich Pietro had already confirmed yesterday that he would attend and Hernandez did the same today, but with certain conditions such as the topics to be discussed or the presenters or that they should be held in his city, Bucaramanga.

The Supreme Court ruling stated that the candidates should negotiate the rules and topics today and jointly requested the RTVC to hold the debate, at which Prada, as Petro campaign manager, went to the headquarters of the public entity to speak.

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However, the strategic Petro confirmed it None of his (Hernandez) passengers have arrived. And there he “has not sent any kind of reason at all, that we clearly ascertain that there is no will for the discussion to take place”.

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“We have been prepared to do so since before a court ruling, but in compliance with the judicial ruling, we have ratified our will that the Colombian people deserve to see and direct the theses of each campaign live,” Prada confirmed.

Hernandez Terms

After what Petro He did not attend many of the ten debates held before the first round on May 29, Hernandez After he won second place in those elections, he refused to engage in further discussions because he confirmed that the formula did not allow him to express his ideas and proposals.

For this reason, several guardianship organizations appeared before the judge, who finally decided that a discussion should take place, just four days before the second round.

Hernandez, a billionaire construction businessman, sent a letter to his rival this morning accepting to participate in the debate, but he imposed several conditions.such as that meeting in Bucaramanga, the city of which he was president or led by the director of Semana magazine, Vicky Davila, LA FM journalists Darcy Quinn and RCN News Jesica de la Peña, as well as “three men we choose by common consent”.

It also imposed topics that will be discussed in the discussion that are not related to proposals for government programsbut about the ins and outs of the election campaigns themselves such as a “dirty campaign to discredit political rivals,” “political coalitions of candidates” or “arbitrary use of campaign budget resources.”

Petro, the former senator and mayor of Bogotá, agreed to the populist candidate’s terms in a public letter in which he made clear that he did not place “conditions on this debate. Nothing”, which leaves in the hands of RTVC “every detail of the discussion: from the moderators, to the topics, including, of course, those you bring up”.

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“We are not proposing any kind of restrictions; we accept the rules they propose, the rules of intervening times in the duration of the discussion, and the city in which you want it to take place; Prada who called on the Hernandez campaign to “accept any kind of final agreement in the afternoon” confirmed Prada.

However, time is running out for the said meeting, as there are only three days left before the second round of elections, in which next Sunday the successor to President Ivan Duque will be elected.

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