Pope Francis declares ten new saints

The Pope Francisco These eleven new saints were proclaimed, including the nun Maria Francisca de Jesus Robato, and were considered Uruguay’s first saint.

Holiness is not made of some Heroic deeds, but a lot of daily lovePeter’s Square during the mass attended by more than 45,000 faithful, according to the Vatican, including the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella.

The nun was declared a saint this Sunday Born February 14, 1844 in an italian town Carmenola, in the province of Turinin the northern region of Piemonte, but by choice he lived and developed his pastoral work in Uruguay, where he died on August 6, 1904.

“The Church welcomes you, Sister Maria Francesca de Jesus, founder of the Triple Capuchin Sisters of Loano … the first blessing of Uruguay,” was highlighted by John Paul II in 1993 when he canonized her in the Vatican Square.

In Uruguay, Mother Francesca chose a region La Tija, Belvedere, Paso de la Arena and Barra de Santa Luciawhere, according to the Eastern State Church, he conducted social and pastoral work with the workers who went to the slaughterhouse on Sunday morning, and took the train at four in the morning with them.

Rubatto became a saint after The Vatican will approve the attributed miracle For his intercession on March 24, 2000 in Cologne, Uruguay, when there was an unexplained recovery of a young man suffering from head trauma with acute subarachnoid hemorrhage, severe coma, intracranial hypertension and diffuse axial damage.

Besides Robato, nine new saints were also proclaimed, Including Charles de Foucault, a French priest who was a missionary in the Algerian desertand Tito Bradesma, a Carmelite priest who was assassinated in a Nazi concentration camp.

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Among the Ten New Saints are also Caesar de Bus French (1544-1607), founder of the Congregation of the Fathers of the Christian Faith, who worked for the revival of Christianity at a time troubled by the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation, and Sister Marie Riviere (1768-1838), a teacher and founder of the Congregation for the Offering of Mary.

The first Indian layman to be a saint is Martyr Lazarus, Devashyam Pillai (1712-1752), a Hindu convert to Christianity. He was arrested and tortured for three years, then executed, and refused to renounce his faith.

The Others are Italian priests Luigi Maria Palazzolo (1827-1886), Giustino Maria Rossolillo (1891-1955), Italian nuns Maria Domenica Mantovani (1862-1934) and Maria de Gesso Santocanal (1852-1923).

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