Plot, trailer and release date on Netflix

Netflix is ​​about to drop a new bombshell. After the success of many Spanish series such as Elite, Paper House or Sky RojoThe streaming platform decided to target a new Spanish-language title halfway between teen drama, survival, mystery, and sci-fi. Started Welcome to Eden She even saw in the cast Anna Mina, the Hispanic singer who is best known in Italy for her radio songs with Rocco Hunt and her recent participation in the 2022 Sandremo Festival with the song. Two hundred thousand hours. But let’s get into more details to learn more about this interesting new Netflix title that reminds us a little Lost, little bit elite and few” prairie.

What is welcome to Eden

You are happy? With this question, Zoe and four other attractive guys who are active on social media receive an invitation to the most memorable party in history, which is being organized on a secret island of a new liquor brand. What begins as an exciting adventure will soon turn into an unforgettable journey. But in Heaven, not all that glitters is gold…Welcome to Eden.

Here is the trailer Welcome to Eden

Who’s on the team Welcome to Aden

cast Welcome to Eden Composed by singer Anna Mina with Amaya Abrasori, Amaya Salamanca, Begonia Vargas, Lola Rodriguez and Belinda Peregrine.

When Welcome to Eden is shown on Netflix

It will be possible to find the new mystery series Welcome to Eden On Netflix starting May 6 in all countries where the service is active.

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