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The new “Everything Asks for Salvation” is a hit with the audience TV series Streaming on Netflix. Although it was only available on the platform for 3 days and the first episode aired on October 14th, the huge consensus it’s getting is already evident.

The series is written and directed by Francesco Bruni, and is adapted from a novel Written by Daniele Mincarelli and takes a sensitive look at mental illness.

The main lead of the series

The main translator is Federico Cesari, in the role of Daniel, He had to go through a difficult path of psychiatric hospitalization after Tsu’s compulsory medical treatment, in which his roommates take primary importance.

The film director As a screenwriter, Bruni stresses the possibility of recovering from states of pain that are sometimes even stronger than before.

the plot

The a hero From the Netflix series, he finds himself from moment to moment locked up in a psychiatric facility, with a window overlooking the sea still closed. Solitude forces him to think about his inner world. A difficult road, but it will become easier thanks to the presence of his roommates.

In addition to Daniele, Federico Cesari is part of spit Also: Gianluca, Vincenzo Crea; Mario, Andrea Benacci; Giorgio, Lorenzo Renzi; Madonnina, Vincenzo Nemolato; Alessandro, Alessandro Biacioni, Nina and Fotin Bellosso.

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