Plot, cast and release date on Netflix

Its second season premiered on Netflix last December and once again became a huge hit with audiences. We are talking about The Witcher, the fantasy Netflix series, based on the video game of the same name, which managed to conquer the hearts of people above all thanks to its hero, the character Geralt Di Rivia played by the wonderful actor Henry Cavill. But what do we know so far about the third season of the series? And when will we be able to watch the new episodes on the streaming platform’s catalog? Let’s find out together.

The new entries in the cast of The Witcher 3

Robbie Amell has officially joined the cast of The Witcher 3. Actor DownloadIn fact, he has signed the contract with the popular fantasy series Netflix to characterize Gallatin, a Scoia’tael guerrilla fighter who will fight for Nilfgaard. Other newcomers to the cast also include Munger Zhang, Hugh Skinner, and Kristel Elwin.

The plot of The Witcher 3

What will happen in Witcher 3? Geralt will struggle to hide Ciri from whoever wants to capture her to prevent her newly reunited family from being destroyed again. To give him a helping hand there is Yennefer who will lead the two to Aretuza Castle where the girl will be able to learn more about her powers. However, hiding will not be easy and the two will find themselves embroiled in a battle between black magic, betrayal, corruption and much more.

When The Witcher 3 comes out on Netlfix

At the moment, there is no official release date for the third chapter of the magicianr But we can imagine that the new episodes will be available on the streaming platform between the end of this year and the first months of next year.

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