Pidad Cordoba was held with dollars at Honduras airport

Betty Cordoba
Colombian authorities photos

Colombian authorities have reported that elected Congresswoman Pidad Cordoba is being held at Comayagua Airport, which serves the city of Tegucigalpa in Honduras.

According to the first report, Cordoba Ruiz did not announce that he was carrying $62,770 in cash, El Tiempo reports.

Sources indicate that the senator elected by the historic charter, when under X-ray control, the airport authorities fixed the dollars when she was about to fly to Panama City with the final destination Bogota.

Authorities report that Cordoba entered Honduras on Saturday, May 21. The case remains at the disposal of the Honduran Public Prosecutor’s Office for the unauthorized amount.

It is required at every immigration step – regardless of the country – to declare foreign currency. In the case of Colombia after $10,000.

EL TIEMPO consulted on what Córdoba could legally face in Honduras and range from administrative processing: a declaration and payment of the tax on said coins and a fine, to his arrest.

The episode in Honduras adds to the series of questions that have been raised against the senator-elect in recent months.

Among them, the alleged funding of people deprived of their liberty to campaign for the Congress of the Republic, which she categorically denied, calling it a “trap”.

After these events, presidential candidate Gustavo Petro asked Córdoba to withdraw from his election campaign.

“I am asking Piedad Cordoba to suspend all of her activities within the campaign, so that she can positively resolve the legal charges against her,” Pietro said at the time.

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