Pickles and cheese inspire conservationists – general

The famous Tasmanian Devils are considered endangered in their native Tasmania. Now the two of them have seen the light of day in a zoo – and they are taking their rangers’ hearts by storm.

SYDNEY (Associated Press) – The Tasmanian devil is inspiring conservationists in Australia: The young animals, christened pickles and cheese, were born four months ago as part of a breeding program by the Aussie Ark organization to conserve endemic species in Down Under, the twins said. . They are hand bred by Zoo Keeper Billy Collette at the Australian Reptile Park north of Sydney. Within eight months they will be released into a protected area.

Aussie Ark shared that the pickles and cheese have really won the hearts of all the staff. I am lacking some sleep at the moment because feeding these fellows every few hours is hard work. But I don’t want to change anything, Colette said. The two of them already showed clear personality traits. They love to mess around and play with each other and climb over everything, according to surrogate dad.

She said the Aussie Ark has had a very successful breeding season this year. A total of 53 Tasmanian devils were born, nine of them in the wild at Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary. Until 2020, aggressive Tasmanian devils, weighing up to eight kilograms, existed only on the island of Tasmania, to which they also owe their name. However, their existence was threatened by some kind of cancer. Aussie Ark started his own breeding program for famous animals.

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In 2020, the organization, along with other conservation groups, released 28 black animals, who did not show signs of disease, into the North Sydney Reserve. Then the good news last year: the animals multiplied. About 3,000 years after the Tasmanian devils died on the mainland, the young ones – the so-called joey – were born again in the wild for the first time.

The animals have been under protection since 1941. Tasmanian devils (Sarcophilus harrisii) have a very strong bite. A distinctive feature is the red ears, wild screeching, unpleasant odor that animals emit when excited.

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