Peru vs Australia | Peru will not get more than 10 million dollars in prizes after being eliminated from the Qatar World Cup 2022 | Economie

The It will stop receiving $10.5 million in awards and travel expenses. They are offered by FIFA to the tournament participants.

The budget of the body that manages professional football is $1.6 billion, of which $440 million is for qualified teams. Each team that competes in the group stage will receive $9 million and another $1.5 million toward travel and accommodation expenses. If you reach more advanced states, the rewards will be higher.

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Depending on how you pass the stages, the rewards increase. Those who make it to the round of 16 get close to $12 million, and in the quarter-finals close to $17 million.José Eduardo Maco, Sports Management and Business Course Coordinator at UPC, explains.

Thus, the fourth place will receive about 25 million US dollars; The third is $27 million. The runner-up will receive $30 million and the champion $42 million. “The award is cumulative. In other words, if a team manages to make it through the group stage, it will need $12 million more than what they have already earned in the group stage.,” commented Francisco Baguelo, Head of Marketing at Toque Fino.

We must remember that when Peru Playing the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he was eliminated from the group stage and earned nearly US$9 million in prize money and travel expenses.

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Luis Advincula missed a penalty in Peru vs. Australia. (Photo: FPF)

less income

On the other hand, local clubs that loaned players to the national team during the qualifiers will receive a boost from the Peruvian Football Federation. This amount varies depending on the days they were with the exact day. “At the time of loaning players to the national team, teams were not getting club assetsBaguelo explains.

However, the numbers would be boosted by the full month that would have included qualification for the World Cup. In 2018, Universitario was the club that earned the most money for the concept, $772K. At that time he contributed a player to the team in the World Cup delegation, Aldo Corzo, while during the qualifiers he loaned other players such as Edison Flores, Raul Ruídias and Miguel Traocco.

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Other clubs that have entered money for this concept are Melgar (US$376,000), Alianza Lima (US$237,000), UTC (US$237,000) and five other teams.

In the playoff, Alianza, “U” and Sporting Crystal contributed three players to the team.

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Waiting for mission

The Peru national team He agreed to the World Cup play-off after finishing fifth in the South American qualifiers. Compared to the ranked four, the red and white team is the team with the fewest number of sponsors. “Peru It has 12 sponsors followed by Uruguay with 14, Ecuador with 15, Brazil with 19 and Argentina with 25. This indicates that we are in South America for the last time in sponsorship management and the brands are not supporting the team that much.Baguelo remarks.

As indicated, this may be due to the fact that the contracts contain inflexible clauses for the use of the image of the team and players.

After disqualification, sponsors will use letters of association between the team and fans to try to get more revenue. “Sponsors will try to change the topic with ads supporting the team and players. The identification achieved by union with the masses is great and regardless of the negative outcome, the rallies will endeavor to make the most of their sponsorship.‘, refers to Maco.

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