Persuasion with linear evolution no longer works as it used to

We all know Apple’s sales strategy with the iPhone: cheaper mini and standard models designed for the general public and Pro and Pro Max models for those who want the highest quality cameras and screens. In the case of iPhone 13 Pro Maxfrom the battery. For a few years what was getting better generation after generation of iPhone was that.

And after several years like that, This linear evolution may be a problem for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This model is called to be the most Of all the iPhones from the end of September, but you may have a hard time if you want to “just” impress with more autonomy, a better chip and better cameras.

“That’s why I’m going to stay another year with the year I have”

I put “only” in quotes because The engineering efforts involved in improving the iPhone should not be underestimated.. Every inch of space gained inside is the result of high-level research, development, programming, and other engineering efforts. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a bigger battery, but getting there isn’t a matter of deciding. marketing It takes a few hours.

The problem is that we have reached the “ceiling” of innovations with smartphones. It might be a file iPhone 14 Pro Max will follow on the same line: better cameras, better autonomy and Some slight change. The most “exciting” thing rumored about the station is the end slit to convert it to two holes Not a good sign in the long run. Obviously, there will be those who will want to buy it, but there will be less appeal to renew it if you have an iPhone 11 or 12.

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Should I rush Apple to do something? Not far from it. Rush is never good. But in the long run, there are places where Apple can press the table: surprise us with a foldable that makes sense, a new functionality for iOS 16 We didn’t imagine it and that fully justifies buying the iPhone 14 Pro Max for some exclusive functionality… but it all takes work.

For now, we know that the iPhone 14 range will try to make a difference by changing sizes. Rumors of a non-Pro large screen model, the end of miniature models… We’ll see how the public reacts to it. But people are making their iPhones last longer, which is a sign that upgrading is less important when there’s no motivation to make the change.

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