People Power sworn in by Rafael Castillo

Several weeks after it was announced His departure from the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)After 28 years of fighting, the deputy of the 2nd District of Santo Domingo Province, Rafael Castillo, was sworn in as the new member of the Popular Force.

“One of the most important decisions of my life, acceptance, is the swearing-in of the people’s forces… With this decision we have taken, we will contribute to the development of the country as of 2024. hWe decided to walk the path of hope.”Castillo said at the time of taking the word from the verb.

The time of his departure from the former official party legislator Doubt the confusing and disorganized role Which is attributed to the parliamentary bloc of the Democratic Liberation PartyAnd the Who are entitled to vote for all kinds of loans or for all kinds of trust funds, allegedly, regardless of the consequences these actions will have on society.

“Others will come faster than you can imagine.”

Castillo also mentioned that of the 11 MPs who left the PLD party, 10 They Chose The “Way Of Hope” And join the popular force together Lionel Fernandez.

“So others will come and faster than you can imagine,” exclaimed the deputy.

‘We’ve shown we’re not alone’

Three times, the former President of the Republic had the central word in the activity and stated that the legislators’ income came from the “old party” They stressed that the popular force “is not alone.”

“When we left the old party in October 2019, many told us we were jumping into a void; they questioned and asked what Comrade Fernandez was doing, leaving the ruling party; we showed that we are not alone and that popular power is a reality,” Fernandez said.

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He also stated that the party already has more than one million supporters and that in “events like this” it confirms that it will reach the presidency in 2024 because “the power of the people has become a political phenomenon.

last right

Besides Castillo, two other members of the House of Representatives were sworn in and Eight chairs of intermediate committees from the PLD.

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