Pearl: Meghan Markle’s Netflix animated series has been canceled

cuts that broadcast platform Netflix You play on many of the products you’ve signed up for Meghan MarkleAnd on the animated series Pearlwhich was to be produced by Prince Harry’s wife with Archewell Productions as a result of the agreement signed at the end of 2020.

In the middle of the pearl was a twelve-year-old girl who was finding inspiration through the path of women who made history. Meghan Markle described the project as follows:

Like many girls of her age, the heroine of Pearl is searching for herself and will face many challenges of everyday life. I’m thrilled Archewell Productions and Netflix are collaborating, and that we’ll be working with these amazing producers on a series that celebrates the greatest women in history.

Another animated series that has been cut recently on Netflix is ​​Dino Daycare, and the adventure story Boons and Curses. But the TV series Space Force with Steve Carell, and the series Raising Dion have also been canceled after two seasons of production on the streaming platform. It’s likely all part of a reshaping of Netflix’s development plan, following the announcement of its low subscriber count.

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This ’70s Show: A Netflix sequel is in the works

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